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Yang Ziwen, male and Han nationality, was born in May 1962 in Qingyang County of Anhui province. In 1984, Yang Ziwen graduated from the Department of Microbiology of central China Agricultural College and was assigned to the Hubei Academy of agriculture in the same year. In 1997, he received a doctorate in forest protection from Northeast Forestry University (cooperation between China and the United States). From 1997 to 1999, he went to postdoctoral research in Seoul National University of Korea. In 2000, it was selected for the first and second levels of the national "100 million talents project"; in 2001, he won the title of the first Hubei province's Ten Outstanding Youth titles, the "54" Medal of the Hubei province and the first ten best post doctoral titles in Hubei, and was awarded the Title of the national excellent agricultural science and technology workers in 2003; and he won the Zhongshan University in 2006. He was awarded the excellent biocontrol worker award of the science fund, and was awarded the Hubei model worker in 2012. Now it is a researcher of the Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences (two), the deputy director of the Academy Committee, the chief scientist, the tutor of the doctoral student of Wuhan University, the special subsidy expert of the State Council, and the national "863" program "agricultural medicine" (12th Five-Year). He is currently the director of the National Bio pesticide engineering technology research center and vice director of China's strategic alliance of biological pesticide and biological control technology innovation. He served as the ten, eleven and twelve member of the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial People's Congress. He is currently a member of the Standing Committee of the Hubei provincial CPPCC.

Yang Ziwen presided over the national science and technology support program project and project, the National 863 science and technology project, the public welfare industry (Agriculture) research project, the national high-tech import project, the achievement transformation project, the Hubei province major project and so on 34 items, presided 11 international cooperation projects. The research achievements have successively obtained the national "85" key scientific and technological achievements, the national scientific and technological progress two awards 1, the Hubei province science and technology progress first prize 4, the Hubei province science and technology progress two prize 2, 6 products have obtained the national key new product title successively, 6 products such as the live soil source, the seedling Zhuang Zhuang, Ye Lvkang, Hua Guofeng We obtained the organic certification of Germany in the European Union, the United States, Japan and other countries. 129 articles with high theoretical level were published in international and domestic academic journals and academic conferences, of which 49 were included in SCI. 33 national invention patents have been applied, 14 national invention patents have been obtained, and 12 pesticide registration certificates have been obtained.


Researcher Yang Ziwen is committed to building a large platform for integrated microbiological services to integrate with multinational companies. The platform has been built or being built, including 13169 square meters of pilot discovery and new drug creation platform, 18000 flat rice pilot and industrialization platform, intelligent greenhouse evaluation platform, and 200 mu microbiological cycle agricultural experiment. Fan base. We will focus on the discovery and development of new drugs, the whole biological solutions for healthy breeding, microbial cycling agriculture and ecological regionalization. New drugs have been developed with the world's largest pesticide company Syngenta, Zoetis, the world's largest veterinary drug company, and the pharmaceutical company novaro Pfizer, which have accumulated 160 thousand microbial resources. Aiming at the high value utilization of organic waste resources, developing the way of fodder and fertilizer application at the core of microbial group technology, the whole process of biological solution for crop health planting and animal health cultivation is created, and the problems of food security, food safety and environmental safety are solved from the source, and the fundamental transformation of the agricultural development mode in China is promoted.

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