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National?Biopesticide Engineering?Research Center?(NBERC) was?founded?in 2011, on the basis of Hubei?Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It is the first national-level biopesticide engineering technology research center approved?by the Ministry of Science and Technology.?The center takes?serving biopesticide industries?as tenet, focusing on?research and development of biopesticide and promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.?Its research and development?activities have been focused on the engineering technology, production technique, and discovery and utilization of microbials. The center was constructed with 17286 square meters of pilot platform in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone.?Research collaborations with external partners from academia, industry and organic farming base form an integral part of our innovation strategy.?It is committed to the development of green agriculture and rural areas.

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Hubei Biopesticide Engineering Research Centre

Address:No.8,Nanhu Ave.,Hongshan District,Wuhan 430064,China

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